Exploring Emerald

Places to Eat

Emerald has many great restaurants to dine at while visiting!

Our favourites include:
  • Maraboon Tavern (lunch, dinner, drinks)
  • Vybe Cafe (breakfast, lunch)
  • Le Porte Rosse (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Roses & Beans (breakfast, lunch, coffee)

Places to Drink

  • Coffee - The best coffee in Emerald can be found at Shelfields Coffee Brewers, however, there is minimal seating space. If you are looking to grab a coffee and sit down, The Sensory and Roses and Beans are also great spots.
  • Alcohol - The Maraboon Tavern and The Star are great spots to grab a drink and play some pool.

What to do in Emerald?

  • Fairbairn Dam & Lake Maraboon - Did you know Emerald's Lake Maraboon has a capacity that is approximately three times larger than Sydney Harbour! Definitely worth the 10-minute drive for a picnic or just a quick look. A local tip - grab a 'Red Claw' pizza at the caravan park on your way to enjoy as you take in the view of Lake Maraboon.
  • Emerald Botanical Gardens - the gardens is well set up for walking, running and picnics. Be sure to explore the gardens on both sides of the river - both sides are vastly different!
  • Blackdown Tableland - Feel like a drive? Blackdown Tableland National Park is only a 2 hour drive away.
  • The Gemfields - If fossicking for gems is more your thing, The Gemfields is a 45-minute drive from Emerald. A perfect day trip destination!
You can find some further ideas for exploring the Central Highlands here:

Essential Shopping

Emerald has several shopping complexes for all the essentials - Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Big W, retail stores, etc.
Jennifer Postorino